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4 Ways to Determine the Language to Learn

You already know the benefits of learning a new language. But the question is, which is the best language to learn? Well, the decision is personal and depends on the learner.

Whether you are in the process of selecting the language to learn or you already have a clear picture of the language to pick, this article will help you confirm the decision.

it will guide you through the selection process, help you define the purposes and reasons for learning the language, and figure out the language to learn.

In doing so, we shall start by asking you a few questions about the possible Online Language Classes in your mind.

  1. How Much Time Do You have?

The available study time plays a vital role in determining the language to learn. For instance, if you don’t have much free time to dedicate to language learning, then choose a language similar to your native tongue.

With this, it will take you less time to become comfortable using the new language if it has vocabulary or linguistic features that are already familiar.

A language that is very different from your native one requires a lot of time and dedication to reach basic functionality. Even then, it’ll take longer to be fluent. For instance, it will take native English speakers to learn Mandarin than French.

  1. Does it Fascinate You?

When selecting a language, you learn a lot about its cultural background. And yes, you have a higher chance of visiting places that the language is widely spoken or meeting people who speak the language.

Making sure the language excites you ensures you get an enjoyable learning experience. If you are in European culture, opt for something like Indo-European languages like Italian, Portuguese, German, and so on. Identify your interests and let them lead you to a language that’s fun for you to learn.

  1. Why Are You Learning the Language?

The possible answers are: the language is useful for personal or professional reasons. For instance, you want to learn French because you are planning to visit France shortly. Maybe your employer requires fluent French for businesses purposes. Alternatively, you may do it because you want to enjoy the undiluted French literature.

 No matter the reasons, you’ll find that your perception of the language’s usefulness in your life will give you the necessary motivation to learn and complete the lessons despite the challenges.

Some people learn a new language based on their future employment plans. Others want to increase their chances of promotions in countries where fluency in language for foreigners is an added advantage.

  1. Do You Have the Resources to Learn it?

Is the language accessible for you to learn well? Make sure there are enough learning resources of the language from where you are.

With the increasing online classes, you can find learning material of any language that fascinates you online. Therefore, take your time and select the language course that suits your personal and professional goals.


Do you want to enroll in online classes to learn a foreign language? Well, start by selecting the best language to learn. Such a language should meet your current and future personal and professional goals.

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