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How to Become a Bus Driver

With more children needing to be driven to and from school and relying on the bus, the demand for bus drivers is rapidly increasing. The Bureau of Labor Stastics estimates that there will be a 6% job increase in this field by 2024, meaning an additional 9,800 bus drivers will be hired.

The process of becoming a bus driver is straightforward, whether you want to travel across the country, operate a charter bus, or drive a school bus for your local elementary school. Keep reading to learn about what a career as a bus driver looks like and the process of becoming one. You will also learn about how a high-quality bus driving simulator can help you become successful in this field.

Training & Certification

The first step to becoming a bus driver is obtaining the proper training and certification. While the requirements vary from state to state, most states require individuals to obtain a commercial driver’s license, in addition to earning either a passenger or school bus endorsement. You will also need to complete and pass both a written exam and a road test.

What Your Career Will Look Like

While bus drivers are primarily responsible for transporting people to and from places like work, school, and events, there are a number of other additional duties that they are responsible for.

These additional bus driver duties may include:

  • Collecting fares and providing correct change
  • Helping disabled or elderly passengers get on and off the bus
  • Answering questions or concerns of passengers
  • Announcing stops or delays to riders
  • Following all traffic laws to ensure the safety of riders
  • Performing basic bus maintenance such as checking oil, fluid levels, and tire pressure
  • Reporting accidents or road incidents to a central dispatcher
  • Attending safety meetings or training as required

Important Bus Driver Qualities

There are several qualities that a successful bus driver must possess. These qualities include customer service skills, problem-solving ability, good physical health, multitasking, leadership skills, and a personable nature.

On top of these qualities, it is also critical that you know how to safely operate a bus and have the appropriate certificates to prove it. If operating a bus seems daunting to you, you may want to practice in a bus driving simulator to help you become more comfortable and gain the skills that you need.

L3Harris Bus Driving Simulator

Get your bus driving career started with the L3Harris Driver simulator. You will have access to a flexible, intelligent platform that will help you develop basic bus driving skills such as judgment training, problem-solving, vehicle operations, and more.

Gain the skills and confidence you need to be a successful bus driver by practicing with a robust bus driver simulator. Contact L3Harris today to learn more!

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