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Designer Sarees – an essential part of women’s wardrobe

Once upon a time, there was a lady on the street that caught everybody’s eyes. No, she wasn’t wearing any western outfit nor her makeup was too loud for the crowd. She was wearing a saree, a statement of traditional fashion.

No matter how fashion-forward the industry becomes, designer sarees and several other traditional attires will always stay in everybody’s heart.

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Wardrobe staple: the traditional sarees of India that every woman needs in her wardrobe:

Growing up every girl tried to knot the saree the way her mother does. It was a hassle back then or maybe till now. One thing that stays with us all is how elegant and godlike our mother looks when she wears a saree.

Nothing surpasses the significance of a saree. On that note let’s dive right into some of the irresistible collections of saree you might want in your closet.

  1. Kanjivaram saree

The kanjivaram saree-wearing style has been weaving for 400 years now. Gorgeous designs of figures seen in temples are weaved on the kanjivaram silk sarees.

Soon after it earned popularity it entered the must-have list of essential designer sarees.

  1. Leheriya:

Remember wearing sarees on your farewell or teacher’s day? Leheriya was every girl’s first choice as it’s easy to walk in it.

This tie and dye saree is mostly worn near the areas of Rajasthan.

  1. Bandhej:

New married women or about to get married ladies are more fond of bandhej sarees than any other heavy attire.

Bandhej sarees are suitable to wear daily. It can be worn effortlessly and work can be done without any hassle.

  1. Satin:

Popular among girls, satin sarees are the most subtle kind to make it to the list. Wear it with a heavy blouse and choker jewelry for a complete glimpse.

Designer sarees are an essential part of a women wardrobe, here’s how you can wear a saree in 5 different ways:

  1. Style it with a Belt:

Elegance symbolized with a glamorous saree style with a chic belt to pair it with choker neck jewelry, a designer saree’s grace will invoke the empowered women in you.

Belts are of various types as well, for a more boho yet vintage look try a belt with embroidery and heavily worn on it. Subtle belts work on a cotton saree well.

While wearing a belt make sure to style your saree in two ways, either simply pinning the pallu on the shoulder on your leaving the pallu hanging on the shoulder like a dupatta.

Buy the latest designer sarees that have belts to compliment the whole attire.

  1. It’s good as it is sometimes:

Sometimes the best you can do is simply traditionally wear your saree and let the magic happen on its own.

Nothing can match the significance of a traditionally worn designer saree.

  1. Neck Drape Style:

Working out recently? Then this style is appropriate for you to flaunt the abs you’ve been working hard for.

Draped around the neck, your subtle designer saree won’t require any accessories to carry it with as your pallu will be the centerpiece of your attire.

Experiment with several different styles while draping your pallu around the neck, you never know which perfect look might suit best for the cocktail night.

  1. Switch to power mode with the blazer:

Winters are around the corner and fashion fever is never-ending. Be it a ceremony you’ve got to attend or a red carpet appearance, glam the way to the aisle with an empowered look.

Style simplest blazers with your saree and play it around with several pallu styling ideas. The belt on top of it will complete the look.

Buy latest designer sarees online and style them however you like. At the comfort of your own home, find what’s best for you.

  1. Pants style saree:

Be more comfortable with your look and try styling your saree around the pants. This is the right example of the fusion of traditional with fast fashion.

Some say its trend is long gone, however, you never know what comes your way. Some trends are forgotten yet some stay. This is one of the trends to be still followed by many.


Sarees represent our country and it’s a statement of boldness. Chic looks can be remodeled with sarees as well.

Which kind of designer saree would you prefer keeping in your closet?

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