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Everything you wanted to know on flower gifting

Whether it’s for your loved ones, friends you’re visiting, or simply to add color to your daily life, buying flowers is a common and a nice gesture. But for flowers to be a true gift for everyone, you must make the right decisions. To do this, follow the guide to choose the best flowers.

That’s it, it’s Valentine’s Day soon, and shortly we will be able to count the days that separate us from spring! We can barely wait for the pretty green leaves, the cute nice colors of flowers, and the few rays of sun that make us forget about rainy days and winter. The flowers that beautify our homes and gardens are also back. But not all of them serve as gifts! So how do you buy the right gift?

Flowers can express your words!

If flowers fascinate us with their scents and colors, they also have a rich and poetic language that allows you to express a wide range of emotions towards your host. Roses can express love in many different forms depending on their color palette: red roses, a symbol of passion, are great for giving to loved ones! Begonias and daffodils express sympathy and courtesy and are therefore perfect for giving to a friend. To give to your mother, think of lilies or germinis, symbols of tenderness and affection. And the yellow tulip, finally, will be a perfect message of joy and happiness, for a bouquet full of positive energy!

The shape also counts!

The round bouquet is a great classic, perfect for a woman. If it’s a man’s birthday you’re celebrating, you can also think of a more original shape, such as a tall, imposing, and elegant bouquet, but be sure to keep the color palette sober to harmonize the bouquet’s aesthetic. Don’t hesitate to opt for a potted plant, a real decorative object and a mark of good taste: if you know your host’s interior decoration and if you take care to choose an arrangement that will fit in perfectly, you’re sure to hit the nail on the head!

Consider adding accessories!

To complement your bouquet, it is common to add a small birthday card with a nice note. You can also personalize it by choosing an elegant model and inserting a photo: be creative! You can also offer a small decorative object that will go with your bouquet, a vase or a pot. Otherwise, the bottle of wine or champagne remains a classic accessory to a bouquet of flowers, you can choose one of the best online flower delivery stores like Moyses StevensThey offer same-day flower delivery in London and next-day UK flower delivery, seven days a week, with an amazing flowers and champagne service.

If you are looking for ideas for a bouquet to offer for a birthday, don’t hesitate to draw your inspiration from Moyses Stevens Flowers, which will offer you a wide choice of bouquets of all types, shapes, and colors, to make your loved ones happy!

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