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How To Install A Drain Rat Blocker

The rat flap is the trap for rats that prohibit them from traveling inside the drainage system. These traps get fixed inside the pipes with manholes (also known as inspection chambers). The installation process of the rat blocker generally takes place in the drain outlet. However, you can also fix it in the drain inlet.

What Is A Rat Blocker?

Rat blockers are considerable equipment that permits the rat to move freely downstream. Thus, it protects the property from any damage upstream. The branches of the stream are protected into the drain outlet with the help of a 4 inch rat blocker.

The rat flap is made up of a sturdy stainless steel device. It is clasped firmly with a robust friction fit. If you wonder if the rat blocker gets lost in the drainage system, the equipment has a splendid design that doesn’t allow it to be lost in the drains.

How To Install A Drain Rat Blocker

You must have understood what a rat blocker is. Now, the question is how to install a 4 inch rat blocker. Don’t fret! Read along the following steps to learn about the installation process of the drain rat blocker.

Significant Instructions

  • Firstly, you need to remove the inspection chamber and flush the toilet to examine the operations of the drainage system.
  • Stretch the mounting pole to the expected length and fix the rat flap before the menacing of the chamber.
  • As soon as the rat blocker reaches the end, attest it in the middle.
  • Tighten the mounting pole until the desired tightness is achieved.
  • Now, you should test the toilet by flushing it thrice with three to six pieces of toilet paper. Ensure that everything is flushed out from the rat blocker effortlessly.

Flap Orientation

Every rat blocker has a reversible flap. It ensures that similar units are required to be used in either inlet or outlet pipes. It is significant to certify that the flaps are in the correct orientation. If the orientation is not appropriate, it may lead to the blockage of drainage systems.

  • Installation Into Drain Inlet- If you look at the arrow on the housing of the rat blocker, it should face the smaller arrow on the flaps in an opposite direction.
  • Installation Into Drain Outlet- If you look at the administration on the housing of the rat blocker, it should face the smaller arrow on the flaps in the same direction.

Adjust The Cavity Between Flaps And Bottom Of The Pipe

You need to install and tighten the flap firmly the Allen key screws with the supplied retaining washers. However, you need to modify the angle of the flap for a better fitting into the pipe before the installation of the 4 inch rat blocker.


You can effortlessly remove and re-install for drainage cleaning and maintenance purposes. Therefore, a rat blocker is one of the efficient things to prevent the drainage system from the rat bite damage.

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