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Who is Mobilis, the World Leader in Beaconing Solutions?

When it comes to beaconing solutions, Mobilis stands out as the world reference. Utilising cutting-edge technology, they dominate demanding sectors where people operate in harsh conditions. In this article, we will investigate how Mobilis became the go-to name in the navigational aid sector.

Understanding Beaconing Solutions

Navigational aids are any marker that helps you avoid hazards or pinpoint your position. Mobilis supplies and maintains more than 60,000 buoys in more than 90 countries. Before we dive into how Mobilis captured this market, let’s first understand what beaconing solutions are.

Mariners navigate remote terrain, sometimes with limited vision and harsh conditions. Navigational buoys aid in this endeavor by offering ways to identify your position accurately. Beacons can be equipped with radio transmitters, and any compatible receivers such as a smartphone can then detect them. As well as a safety aid, buoys are also an important weather tool. They can determine the wind speed, air temperature, barometric pressure, and wind direction.

Beaconing signalisation buoys have revolutionised the transportation, maritime navigation, and aviation sectors. They are indispensable to the army, navy, engineers, meteorological departments, and port authorities. Accurate positioning improves safety, enhances communication, and provides valuable data for decision-making processes.

The Origins of Mobilis

The need for signalisation buoys has existed since explorers first set out to find new worlds. Navigational aids are a necessity to traverse dangerous areas safely. Over the last 30 years, Mobilis mastered the entire development, manufacture, and deployment of navigational aids.

With a clear plan in mind to one day dominate the market, Mobilis started operating in 1990. Beaconing solutions need to be high-quality and able to withstand the harshest of conditions. Therefore, an important step was to produce long-lasting solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Another factor that helped Mobilis stand out from the start was their respect for the environment. By aiming for sustainable development, they help protect the environment and prevent pollution. By following recommendations from the IALA / AISM, they showed their heart as well as their ambition.

Beaconing Solutions: Mobilis’ Offerings and Solutions

MOBILIS produces solutions using innovative technology to respond to the problems of tomorrow. Their signalisation buoys use the Automatic Identification System (AIS). AIS supplements marine radar and provides valuable information. This includes vessel identification, position, course, and speed. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires AIS on all passenger ships.

To maintain a speedy and efficient service, they keep a large stock of products on hand. All products come with an after-sales service guarantee, with a team ready for maintenance or repair. But they also offer bespoke services for novel projects.

They have a dedicated team on hand to strategise and problem-solve projects. They create off-the-shelf products if the need should arise. By taking control of the design, production, and installation, they can guarantee a successful result. And most importantly, ensure that the solution is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


There is no single reason why Mobilis became the world leader in beaconing solutions. Rather, it was the combination of many things. And these things can act as a blueprint for anyone wishing to be successful.

First, you need a clear plan and a team with desire and ambition behind you. You need to build customer loyalty with quality products and great service. And whenever possible, conduct your business with the environment in mind. And finally, you need vision, to not only create products for today but to think about tomorrow.

According to Global News Wire, the mooring buoy market will hit $1.09 billion by 2028. This is a 50% growth projection in the span of 8 years. And they list Mobilis as one of the key players in this growth. Building products for tomorrow, Mobilis are a leading figure in beaconing solutions today.

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